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Patterns, Performance, and Knowledge Specific to Healthcare

Healthcaretextiles.com brings together the knowledge and expertise of Herman Miller, Maharam, and Nemschoff and provides a resource for clear, fact-based information specific to the application of textiles within healthcare environments. Clinical settings, with their demands for function and durability can benefit from the right performance textile. Healthcaretextiles.com is designed to aid in making choices that satisfy both for the vision of the designer and the requirements of the healthcare setting.

  • Search Healthcare-Specific <a href="/textiles">Textiles</a>

    Search Healthcare-Specific Textiles

    Healthcaretextiles.com provides information for balancing aesthetic expression with the performance characteristics healthcare environments require. Included are high-performance, healthcare-specific textiles from the offerings of Herman Miller and Maharam, as well as selections from Momentum and Stinson that are part of the Nemschoff Performance Fabric (NPF) program.

  • Learn from <a href="/whitepapers">Whitepapers</a> and the <a href="/glossary">Glossary</a>

    Learn from Whitepapers and the Glossary

    Select whitepapers provide scholarly commentary and quantitative research on topics related to the use of textiles in healthcare environments. Each paper comes from a reputable, third-party source. Links connect to the full content. Browse by topic or search using keywords. An extensive glossary is a reference source for terms and phrases specific to healthcare textiles. Browse the glossary by letter or search by keyword.

  • Meet Our Advisors

    Meet Our Advisors

    To ensure comprehensiveness, a group of independent experts was chosen to advise on the content of the site based on their contributions to applying and studying healthcare textiles. They include:​

    • Debra D. Harris, PhD, RAD Consultants, a consultant specializing in evidence-based design, building performance, and occupant outcomes
    • Gang Sun, PhD, professor at University of California, Davis, and researcher of materials and textile chemistry, and nanotechnologies
    • James Ewell, a member of the original team that founded GreenBlue and currently Director of the GreenBlue Chemicals program
    • Laura Guido-Clark, textile designer and experience consultant specializing in the colors, materials, and finishes of consumer products
    • Rosalyn Cama, President and Principal Interior Designer of the evidence-based planning and design firm CAMA, Incorporated